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Rules & Regulations

Orchard Gardens Co-op  

Rules and Regulations 2017 – Rev (0) March 24, 2017


1.1 Orchard Gardens Co-op is a senior’s (over 55) park. We enjoy a variety of amenities and activities throughout the season. Volunteering to participate in the organization or the activities themselves is key to ensuring a positive experience that our shareholders and guests enjoy. Please step forward and do your part by putting your hand up to help. Applicants requesting membership must be 55 years of age or older.

1.2 These guidelines are provided to help guide us through this process.



2.1 Orchard Gardens Co-op will elect members to the Board of Directors each year. The Board of Directors have the authority to make and change the Rules and Regulations, make and change assessments, contract outside labor, and anyone else to make the Co-op run well.

2.2 The Board of Directors reserves the right to change, alter or add to these Rules and Regulations as conditions warrant. The Rules and Regulations are believed by the Board to be necessary in order to have an efficient, neat, clean, attractive, harmonious and congenial park. Please remember that they are made for your benefit, to protect your rights and to increase your pleasure. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

2.3 The Board of Directors will provide the Shareholders List once yearly. (FOR SHAREHOLDERS AND RENTERS ONLY). It is not to be copied, sold or distributed by anyone else.

2.4 The Annual Assessment to determine the funding amounts will be determined by the Board of Directors. The assessment for each Space will be paid annually on or before January 1st.

2.5 Useable surplus property will be disposed of by the Board of Directors by offering it for sale to the Co-op shareholders first and if not sold, offer it to the public.

2.6 No peddling, soliciting or other commercial activities are allowed without consent of the Board of Directors.

2.7 No Shareholders may ask local merchants for merchandise without the permission of the Board of Directors.

2.8 Shareholders may have no more than two shares. This limitation was passed at the 2017 AGM with the objective of maximizing the number of Shareholders that will be active participants in the operation and maintenance of the Park, as well as engaging in the numerous activities provided. When Shareholders initially apply for membership in the Coop their intension shall be for residency in the Park for all or part of the year. A second share certificate and propitiatory lease shall include the name(s) of the person(s) on the original certificate and these individuals shall not purchase a third share.

2.9 Renting of Units – We recognize that personal emergencies, medical issues, or change of circumstances occur that can affect Shareholders being able to be present in the Park. When such situations arise, the Shareholders has the right to make their Spaces/Units available for rental following a similar practice to what has been done over past years. It is the responsibility of the Shareholder to advise a renter of the Rules and Regulations of the Park.  Should a renter fail to follow the Rules and Regulations of the Orchard Gardens Coop Park the Board reserves the right to notify the Shareholder responsible for the space and have them terminate the rental immediately.



3.1 Shareholders must submit a Space Improvement Permit Application to the Architectural Controls Committee prior to exterior changes/improvements and/or alterations to the shareholder spaces. Exceptions to this guideline will include regular maintenance and/or repairs which do not alter the general appearance to the structures or landscaping.

3.2 Exterior painting will not require a permit unless there is a change in color. Storage shed colors will blend in with or match that of the park model. Planting of grass in designated lawn areas or maintenance of these areas does not require a permit.

3.3 Architectural Controls Committee will approve all Space Improvement Applications that deal with items covered under the guidelines set out in Resolution #1. Failure to obtain an Approval Permit may result in your having to return your Space to it’s original condition, or permission to sell the Space may not be granted by the Board.

3.4 The Architectural Control Committee must approve all storage sheds. Only those sheds which are pre-manufactured with pitched roof and made of metal are acceptable. Sheds brought in from another location shall be inspected by the committee for approval. Minimum size is to be 8 x 10 ft. All sheds must be set on concrete and located on the rear left corner of the Space (looking from the street). The access door is to face the street. A shed design that varies from these guidelines, must have prior Board approval.

3.5 No fences or walls are allowed.

3.6 All units must be fully self-contained and approved by the Architectural Controls Committee before occupying a Space in the park. Units exceeding 10 years of age that are proposed to be brought into the Park by shareholders (ie; mobile units, seasonal visitors or as replacement Park Models) will be subject to an aesthetic review by a committee comprised of a minimum of 5 shareholders from the acting Architectural Committee and the Board. This committee will rule on the acceptability of the unit for admission to the Park.



4.1 The lounge, serving area and other recreational equipment are for your pleasure. They are available to the residents for social functions such as receptions, anniversaries, special parties, etc. Permission for eating in the lounge must be obtained from the Activities Committee chairperson. Furnishings must be returned to the customary position after all formal or informal gatherings. Please notify the Activities chairperson in advance to avoid conflict. All areas and/or facilities used must be cleaned and lights, fans, etc. turned off immediately after use.

4.2 Do not borrow any items without permission of the Activities Committee. Sign out list is in the kitchen and is to be filled out as items are borrowed and returned.



5.1 Laundry facilities are provided for your convenience. Use machines only as directed. Do not overload or abuse machines and in case of trouble notify the office or a member of the Board. Washing machines and dryers are to be cleaned after each use. Hang laundry only in areas provided and remove from lines as soon as dry. Do not leave on lines overnight. Absolutely no hanging of laundry on or near your Space, except that if may be hung out of sight in your home of shed. The area and facilities are for the washing of laundry only. No washing of rugs is permitted in the machines.



6.1 The use of soil sterilizers or weed killers can be harmful to trees, shrubs, and grass. If you wish to use any materials of this sort you will be charged for replacement of any Park landscaping destroyed by the use of such chemicals.

6.2 In accordance with the City and County Ordinance, the storage of bottles, cans, boxes and equipment, etc. around or under your RV is not permitted. No indoor furniture may be used on your patio. Only patio furniture is acceptable. No storage is permitted on patio.

6.3 For safety, only licensed tradesman are to perform maintenance or repairs to electrical stanchions, meters, and electrical panels outside of your unit. In case of problems, hire a qualified electrician.

6.4 A hose must be kept at the rear of your Space at all times for fire protection.

6.5 No major overhauling of vehicles on your Space will be allowed. All wheel covers must be factory made, approved and maintained.

6.6 All tools borrowed from the storage area must be returned to that same area immediately after use. The tidiness of the area behind the shower house is your responsibility. Do not use it as a disposal area.

6.7 For sale and for rent signs are permitted on the unit or shed. Signs are to be no larger than 8.5 x 11 inches.



7.1 Disturbing noises are not permitted before 7:00a.m. or after 10:00 p.m. Radios, wind chimes, televisions and music devices must be tuned at all times so as not to disturb other residents. Have a good time but use discretion.

7.2 Be a good neighbor. Remember that your neighbor’s silence does not indicate their approval. Use regular paths or walkways. Do not walk through your neighbor’s yard unless you have permission. Do NOT leave water unattended. DO NOT WATER ON THURSDAY OR FRIDAY MORNING. Don’t “water” your neighbor’s unit or car while doing your lawn. Keep a tidy Space. Your neighbors have to look at it too. Treat the clubhouse as you would your own living room.



8.1 Clubhouse, laundry and restrooms will be closed from May 1st until October 1st.

8.2 There will be NO rental of Spaces while Orchard Gardens is closed from May 1st to October 1st.



9.1 Only one (1) pet (under 20 pounds) will be allowed per Space. Pets are not allowed anywhere in Orchard Gardens except on a leash. Do not bring them to the clubhouse, office or recreation areas. All pets must be kept on their own Space except when being taken out the gate. All pets must be exercised outside the park. Do not use vacant spaces. If a pet defecates in front or inside the Park, the owner must clean it up immediately. Remember if it poops you scoop!!



10.1 The use of the pool and hot tub are for your pleasure.

  • No rough play will be tolerated;
  • Only swimsuits may be worn in the pool. No cutoffs;
  • Your cooperation is expected in keeping the pools clean. Keep paper and other refuse out of the pool area;
  • The Co-op will not be responsible for accidents or injury resulting from use of the pools;
  • Air mattresses, toys, etc. will be allowed in the pool area only with the agreement of others in the pool;
  • Pools may need to be closed when cleaning and other necessary work is being done;
  • State health law requires that a shower must be taken before entering the pools;
  • Clothes, towels, etc. must not be left in the pool area;
  • No bobby pins are allowed in the pools as they leave stains that cannot be removed;
  • No swimsuits (wet or dry) are to be worn in the clubhouse. No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service;
  • No food or drink is allowed in the pool area unless in an unbreakable container (No glass of any kind);
  • All guests must be advised of pool rules by park residents;
  • Absolutely NO lotions or oils may be taken to or used in the pool area. No soaps, shampoos, etc. are to be taken to the pool area;
  • Visiting children may swim if accompanied by an adult any time the pool is not crowded;
  • Additional rules posted at pool side must be obeyed;
  • No children under the age of five (5) are allowed in the hot tub;
  • No children still wearing diapers are allowed in the pool or hot tub.



11.1 Propane tank size and location:

  • Park Models (effective March 16, 2010) maximum of one (1) 30 gallon or two (2) 10 gallon tanks located at the rear of the unit;
  • Park Models, motor homes and travel trailers as installed by the manufacturer must comply with City and Fire Department codes.



12.1 Speed limit of 10 miles per hour is posted for your safety as well as your neighbor’s protection. Bicycles ridden in the park after dark should have a light on the front and rear. No bicycle riding is allowed in the breezeway between the clubhouse and pool, or on the crosswalks behind the clubhouse or the one between streets. This is a safety issue.

12.2 Your car or cars are to be parked alongside your unit, in the driveway provided, allowing at least 19 inche setback from the blacktop. No parking in front of your unit. Do not block streets or driveways.

12.3 All rubber tired carriers are to be stored off the premises of Orchard Gardens. Motorcycles, bicycles and car dollies are excluded. Car dollies are to be stored behind the motor home and are to be moved out of the way on mowing day. The Board may authorize the retention of any utility trailer for the good of the Park.

12,4 Orchard Gardens Spaces are not to be considered a storage yard for boats, motor homes, travel trailers, tent trailers, car dollies, campers, etc. This rule also applies to people with two (2) vehicles that cannot be legally parked in their Space. You may park your vehicle in a vacant Space only with the Shareholder’s prior permission.



13.1 Electricity for each Space will be billed by Arizona Power Service (APS) directly to the Shareholder.

13.2 Mail is delivered to individual mailboxes at the south side of the Park restroom area at Space 58.

13.3 Newspapers, telephone and internet services may be ordered from a variety of local businesses at your cost for your own use.

13.4 Basic cable TV service is provided at each Space at no extra charge. Enhanced TV packages are available from the providers and will be at your cost.

13.5 All kitchen trash and/or garbage must be put in plastic bags before being deposited in the dumpster. Please keep dumpster lids closed. Please use caution when placing heavy loads in the garbage as the trucks may not have the capacity to lift the container. If you have several heavy bags, stagger your disposal over a week or so.

13.6 We have two (2) garbage bins and two (2) recycle bins. Familiarize yourselves with the recyclables. It is posted on the bins. Flatten cardboard boxes prior to placing them in the recycle bins.

We collect aluminum cans in the containers beside the recycle bins. Do Not put garbage or plastic bottles in them.



14.1 Visitors can only stay for two (2) weeks. Arizona State Law requires that ALL persons staying in the Park overnight or longer must be registered with the office. This includes emergency information names, phone numbers and vehicle information.

14.2 Shareholders are responsible for furnishing and reviewing a copy of the Orchard Gardens Rules and Regulations with their guests/renters. A completed Guest/Renter Registration and Agreement Form is to be filed in the office. There will be a charge of 15 cents per page for the Rules and Regulations after the first copy.

14.3 Use of campers, trailers, cars, motor homes, sheds, etc. for sleeping alongside units or in guest parking is Not allowed.

14.4 All guests must use the guest parking area near the pool. The streets must remain open for emergency equipment at all times. Shareholders or renters are not to park their second vehicle or store an RV in the guest parking area. If you rent your unit and have stored your vehicle on your premises, your vehicle is not allowed to be moved and parked in the guest parking area.

14.5 Visiting grandchildren are welcome guests at Orchard Gardens. We request however that their visit be limited to 14 days. They are your responsibility so far as supervision is concerned. Your neighbors should not be disturbed by noisy play.


SECTION 15 – Board Endorsement


President – Sue Kraske

1st Vice President – Bert Gillis

2nd Vice President – Gord Blades

Treasurer – Phyllis Bovey

Secretary – Wayne Tomlinson